Canberra Grammar School was founded in 1929 to educate the children of the then young capital of an ancient country.  We have a profound and on-going commitment to ensure that our School always plays its part in the education of generations who will create a just and equitable future for all Australians.

As our 100th anniversary approaches, we are delighted to announce the CGS Foundation Centenary Project.  Our goal, to coincide with our centenary in 2029, is to grow the cumulative total of our fund to $20.29 million (including distributions) to make possible the next stages of our campus development and scholarship plans. The Centenary Project’s purpose is underpinned by our aspiration to provide unparalleled excellence and opportunity, and our vision is to see 100 students educated at CGS on Indigenous and equity scholarships, in addition to our current scholars, by the time we reach our 100th year. Along with our campus development programme, it is an ambitious target, but we have shown what we can do when we have a goal and set our mind to it.

We have done much in the past few years, for which we can be proud, even with the pandemic in between.  Yet, there is much more to do.  We have seven years left to raise the remaining funds to meet our target.


Through our Annual Giving campaign this year we invite you to join our Centenary Community and commit to giving $2000 over the next seven years (with the first 900 commitments of $2000 or more acknowledged by a plaque on a seat in our new concert hall). A pledge of $25 a month (about a coffee a week) or $300 a year over the seven years until our centenary is just over $2000.


We are making it easier to give, with simple options for $75 to be added quarterly to school fees, or regular deductions via credit card.

If 1,000 families, or half of the families now in the School, make that commitment, it equates to $2 million, or around 70 full annual tuition fees for Indigenous or equity scholarships in today’s dollars – for the equivalent of a coffee per family a week.

If 100 members of our community become Centenary Partners in pledging $20,000 over the next seven years, that’s a further $2 million.  Should 10 from our community become Centenary Benefactors, pledging $200,000 to the CGS Foundation in the years towards 2029, that’s another $2 million. And should one become Centenary Patron by matching the other tiers with an extraordinary gift of $2 million, then we meet our goal, funding the full education of dozens of bright young students on Indigenous, equity and other scholarships, and underpinning the next stage of our campus evolution.

What an extraordinary outcome that would be, and what a thing to celebrate at our centenary, a school proudly leading in opening access to its excellence for bright, capable, motived young Australians, who will use the opportunities and education to build the future that all our children deserve.


We warmly invite you to share with us in The Centenary Project in whatever way you may, and to help us share it with our community; to explain our aspirations and the purpose of the project and the CGS Foundation to all whom you know can help.

We look forward to what lies ahead of 2029, and well beyond.

Thank you.

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